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Amsterdam's Upscale Restaurants

You can tell by the number of articles I've written about Amsterdam, how much I enjoyed my trip. Here is another in a four-part series I wrote for Peter Greenberg.
Amsterdam's Upscale Restaurants Last week, globe-trotting investigative gastronome David Latt investigated the local finds in Amsterdam’s surprisingly robust cafe scene.

But can serious food-lovers find high-end and innovative restaurants to satisfy their cravings? Read on to find out what he discovered in the Dutch capital.

Balthazar's Kitchen, a local favorite, is a small restaurant with a big reputation. On the few nights I was in Amsterdam I could never secure a reservation.

The same was true of the French restaurant, Braque, where a friend and I were turned away two nights in a row.

I had better luck at the Supperclub. The well-polished brass doorway downstairs hints at the grand setting upstairs.

Begun two decades ago, the Supperclub has branches in London, Singapore, San Francisco, and Istanbul, with plans to…